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          Santa Barbara is home to one of the most historical and iconic beaches when it comes to Beach Volleyball, our very own East Beach! Some of the greatest beach volleyball players of all time grew up with East Beach as their stomping grounds. With the beach comes community, and the beach volleyball community here in Santa Barbara is so special and continues to feel like one big family.

          The mission of 805 Beach Volleyball Club is to introduce the sport of beach volleyball to the local youth in a fun and safe way while also providing quality instruction to help develop the youth as individuals and volleyball players.

​          805 Beach Volleyball Club was founded to serve as a resource for the youth beach volleyball community in the Santa Barbara area and is geared towards developing the local youth in all facets of the beach game. We focus on developing the individual skills sets and partnerships, while also teaching the knowledge and discipline behind the game. While setting out to provide and encourage a competitive atmosphere, we strive to curate more than just drills. In hopes of exemplifying and invigorating the importance of the individuals’  character and exposure to high level play, players will learn the fundamentals of the sport and the philosophy behind us. 805 Beach aims to assist aspiring beach player's desire to reach their potential!

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